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Welcome to our Hillyard/New York Website


Thank you for taking the time to visit our informational website.

At Hillyard, we understand that keeping a facility clean is so much more than buying cleaning supplies and equipment. Itís about improving processes; making it easier for you and your staff to order products, to get the job done more efficiently, and to do it with better results than ever before.


Much of the information found herein helps to illustrate the exceptional value that Hillyard / New York can bring to your organization. If you havenít already, we invite you to join Hillyard in a partnership for success. Hospitals, school districts, colleges, universities, extended care facilities, industrial facilities, hotels, building service contractors, and others who have already taken advantage of our quality products and exclusive services, know that Hillyard is a smart business decision.


For more information or to have one of our Facility Consultants conduct an on site analysis, please contact us on the web or via our contact page included in this information by clicking here.



Ron Bronakoski

District Sales Manager

Cell# 585-576-9407

Hillyard / New York

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